Key Bak® – Super 48 & Super 48 Plus Ambidextrous

No. 4335, 4365, 4365A

    • Very high-quality key reel with 48″ retractable pull
    • Kevlar® cord provides strength and a smooth draw
    • Unique ball-and-socket locking mechanism holds multiple keys
    • Carry more keys, small tools or phone
    • Heavy-duty polycarbonate case will not rust
    • NEW! – Super 48 Plus, model no. 4365A, features a newly designed ambidextrous ball-joint lock so the reel can be used on either hip, a larger belt clip specifically designed to accommodate 2-1/4” Duty Belts and an integrated belt clip lock that easily converts the clip to a belt loop – no pin required.
    • No. 4365 model has a 1-3/4″ long clip
    • No. 4335 model fits a 2″ wide belt
    • Stainless steel cord available on model No. 004365S
    • No. 004335 leather slip-on version ideal for added security for casinos, law enforcement, etc.
    • Includes a Lifetime Service Policy (refer to packaging or call Lucky Line for details)
    • Made in the USA usa logo

    Available Colors:


    Packaging Options:

    Card, Industrial Pack

    Lifetime Service Policy:


Size (without key ring): 2-1/4″(W) x 3-1/4”(L)
Load: 20 Keys or 13-15 oz.

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