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Touchless Foaming Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - USB Charger

No. T0009

Enjoy the use of hand sanitizer without spreading germs.  This touch free hand sanitizer dispenser helps you keep your family safe and clean.  You can mount it to just about any wall in your house, or place it on a counter top or desk.  Keep it in high traffic areas like the front door or garage access. This also works great in your car for quick sanitizing on the go, dispenser fits most car cup holders. 


Dimensions: 3.9." x 7.6"

Holds about 10oz of liquid

Foaming hand sanitizer is recommended, but can use liquid hand sanitizer as well, can also be used with foaming soap.  If you use gel hand sanitizer or soap, dilute 1:3 with water. 

Built-in 1200mAh high performance battery, this soap dispenser comes with a USB charging cord. Fully charged within 3 hours, this automatic soap dispenser can be used for about 60 days. 

Note: Do not leave hand sanitizer in your car when it's parked in the heat for long periods of time.