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Slide Bolt Snaps, Swivel Eye

No. *00445, A705, 00451, A708, A709, A710, A711, A712, A713, 00450, A716, 00448, A718, A719, A720, A721, A722, A723

  • Slide bolt supplied with spring-loaded latch for quick and easy attachments.
  • Supplied with swivel to prevent tangling, and ease of motion of attachments.
  • Choose nickel-plated zinc for light applications.
  • Choose bronze/brass when on aesthetic appearance is preferred.
  • Choose stainless steel for outdoor applications, and where corrosion resistance is a priority.
  • For light applications

Available Finishes:
Nickel-Plated Zinc, Nickel-Plated Iron, Bronze, Brass, Nickel-Plated Brass, Stainless Steel

Packaging Options:
Card, Bulk

* Carded option is supplied 2/card
Item is not available carded