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About UtiliCarry™

UtiliCarry by Lucky Line® is a quality product line designed specifically to cater to EveryDay Carry (EDC) needs. What is EDC? EDC items are useful tools for Carry, EveryDay. We understand that the EDC community embraces the need to have a necessary tool close at hand. Like the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”, EDC enthusiasts are prepared. Need a flashlight in a sudden black out? They’ve got one on their keychain. Unwrapping birthday gifts at the park? They’re ready with a multi-tool. Forgot some important utensils while camping? They’ve got a knife, bottle opener, scissors, and other tools close at hand.

Some EDC fans have a kit complete with knife, safety whistle, flashlight and other tools that might be needed in an emergency. The key to effective EDC tools is remembering what is important in your life. This is unique to each person. What does your daily life look like? You may not go to the wilderness, but your keys might be misplaced frequently. You can use the Fish Hook Key Carrier as part of your EDC gear to keep your keys on your belt or bag. The right set of tools will be different for each person.

Each product in our UtiliCarry line has been carefully selected for usefulness as an EveryDay Carry item. Each product was chosen for quality, durability and efficiency.  UtiliCarry’s flagship product, the Primo 12-in-1 Multi-Tool, incorporates a proprietary design and maximum usefulness. With products like the Primo 12-in-1 and all of the EDC items in the UtiliCarry line, you can be confident that you’re prepared. For hikers in the mountains or techies on the go, UtiliCarry has something for each person’s EveryDay Carry needs.

UtiliCarry – Useful Tools for EveryDay Carry