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Customer Service FAQs

I don’t see the ability to place an order through your website. How do I place an order?

Lucky Line Products is a manufacturer, and sells our products through a network of wholesale distributors. Please refer to our dealer search to find a local store that carries a variety of Lucky Line product. If you are in search of a specific item that you are having trouble locating, please contact us for assistance.

If you are interested in reselling our products, please contact our customer service team for information on the best wholesale distributor for you to order from. Knowing your customer base and your industry helps us to provide you with the best distributor possible for your individual needs.

What if I am an international customer?

We also have many distributors overseas, and those within the US who also sell internationally. Please let us know where you are located, and we can assist you with finding the best distributor for you.

I have a custom product I want sourced. Can you make it?

Lucky Line Products will make every effort to source or create items that we do not stock. Please provide as much detail as possible specs, dimensions, images, samples in order for us to assist you. Please also let us know what quantity you have in mind and when you need the product by custom jobs often have minimum runs and extended lead times.

How can I obtain a hard copy of your catalog?

We are happy to mail hard copies of our catalogs. Please email and provide your mailing address.

I see that some of your items have a Prop 65 warning on them. How does this affect me?

Lucky Lines key caps and identifiers fall under the jurisdiction of Prop 65, as they are made of PVC (a type of plastic). California’s Prop 65 was originally intended by its authors to protect California citizens and the state’s drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposures to such chemicals. It mainly relates to products that are, or could be, ingested. California state law requires us to list a warning on our website, packaging, and products where it relates to Prop 65. The law requires us to provide a warning on product sold within California, however our customers outside of the state often resell to California citizens and dealers, so we mark every package in this product category.

I purchased a Key Bak® and it broke. How do I take advantage of the Lifetime Service Policy?

Key Bak’s items are warranted through West Coast Corporation, the manufacturer of the item. You can return your broken Key Bak to:

P.O. Box 9088
Ontario, CA 91762 U.S.A.

Be sure to include your return address information so that they can send a replacement to you.

If you need to reach Key Bak, you can contact their customer service department at 800-685-2403.

Do any of your items require MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)?

Yes, Houdini Lube (#945) and Graphite Lubricant (#950) require an MSDS. Please contact Lucky Line if your company needs an MSDS to keep on file for this item.

What is the difference between a locking cable, Flex-O-Loc, and Twisty key ring? How do I know which is right for my needs?

All three cables appear very similar, but have different functions.

A locking cable


be crimped for permanent closure. Use a locking cable key ring when you want to put keys on a ring and not allow for their removal. A locking cable is the ideal solution for a car rental fleet.

A Twisty® opens and closes by twisting the ring into a figure-8 shape. If one were to just tug on this ring, it would not pull open without maneuvering it into this special shape. This ring is ideal for those with high dexterity who want a secure key ring. Twisty® key rings can also be crimped for permanent closure.

A Flex-o-loc® has a “ball knob and socket” closure. This ring bends into a heart shape to open and close it. It does not have the capability to be crimped for permanent closure. A Flex-o-loc® is an ideal solution for taking your keys off your ring quickly and easily. They also work great as binder rings.

How do I take advantage of the promotion featured on your website?

Please contact your distributor or reseller to ask about taking advantage of Lucky Line’s current promotions.

Do you offer a warranty or returns?

Lucky Line offers a Limited Product Warranty.  All claims for shortages, damaged/defective goods, or pricing discrepancies must be reported within 30 days from invoice date.  Custom sales are final.  Credit for goods returned in re-saleable condition will be allowed only upon our written permission with an RGA number. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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