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Magnetic Keys

No. 155-156

  • Magnetic Key Blank sticks to any steel surface
  • Perfect to hide a spare key so you’re never locked out
  • Connect multiple keys together to form a silent keychain and simplify your keys
  • Four color options allow you to quickly identify keys by color. Available in Black, Blue, Red or Purple
  • Anodized aluminum is lightweight and rust resistant
  • Available in KW1 and SC1 blanks
  • Patent Protected

Lucky Line Products Patent Protected


    Kwikset: 13/16″ (W) x 2-3/16″ (L)

    Schlage: 1″ (W) x 2-1/8″ (L)

    Available Colors:

    Black, Blue, Red, Purple

    Packaging Options:

    Clamshell, Display

    Lucky Line magnetic keys grid