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Key Bands

No. 171-172


  • Easily identify your keys with these color-coded, write-on key identifiers.
  • Bands are made of heat-shrink plastic and separate keys by color.
  • Slide band over key head and apply heat.
  • Band shrinks to form-fit the key head, providing a writable surface.
  • To label, use a ballpoint pen or a preprinted label.
  • Ideal for awkwardly shaped keys, when standard key caps will not work.
  • Bands shrink to fit keys, reducing bulk around key chain.
  • Two sizes available: Medium and Large. Size Medium is ideal for standard size keys, such as house keys. Size Large is ideal for larger-headed keys, such as office keys.
  • Click here for Instructions and FAQ
  • Made in the USA


Medium: 1-1/8"W x 11/16"H

Large: 1-1/4"W x 11/16"H

Available Colors:

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Packaging Options:

Pouch, Clamshell, Medium Jar




QUESTION: How do you apply heat to the key band?

ANSWER:  There are many options. Boiling water applies the heat evenly to the band and is not hot enough to melt the band.  But you can use any heat source: a hair dryer, heat gun, stove top, etc.  You will need to be careful to not apply too much heat or the band could melt.

QUESTION:  Can I trim the band?

Answer:  Yes, key bands can be cut prior to heating to fit a certain shape better, avoid covering the key hole on a smaller key, or to create a different style/shape.

QUESTION:  Can you write on the band with any marker?

ANSWER:  Yes, but we recommend a ballpoint pen. It is the best we have found for writing on plastic.