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Key Shapes™ - Custom Printed House Keys

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Key Shapes™ - Custom Printed House Keys

A little branding goes a long way and Lucky Line’s custom printed keys are a clever way to promote your business or institution and a creative alternative to help you stand out from the competition.


With most things going digital, a tactile object creates a bit of uniqueness in our electronic world.  Oftentimes, businesses opt for custom imprinted plastic key tags, bottle openers or lanyards as giveaways, but many people don’t bother attaching these tchotchkes to their actual key or may just toss it, so you’ve lost your opportunity to promote your business and wasted money.


With Lucky Line’s custom printed keys, it is an actual key that can be cut and used as a real house key.  Your company information and logo are printed directly on the key, ready to be referenced at any time, so whether the key is hanging on a key ring or key rack, your business info is full in view. Our keys, from our Key Shapes ™ line, are made from high quality brass, are enamel coated and printed with deep color saturation to resist scratching and fading.  Lucky Line’s custom keys are a premium option to market your business.


In a previous blog, we shared ideas for custom Key Shapes™   and we are back, to elaborate on several of these ideas.




Colleges can offer custom keys in their campus bookstores or online stores to promote school spirit.  With students living in dorms or off-campus apartments, university logoed keys are a perfect item to convey school spirit. Offering keys through online stores allows graduates to take pride in their alma mater and these keys can also be used as a fundraiser when reaching out to graduates or institutions.



Custom keys are a unique way to welcome new tenants. When a lease is signed, a custom key can be included in the agreement packet.  The “Contact in case of emergency” number can be printed directly on the key or having the company logo is a great way to promote the complex.  Tenants will be tickled when they receive their new key and having a contact number readily available, gives them peace of mind.





People are often proud to help their community and organizations so what better way to raise awareness and money, than a custom printed house key. Whether your fundraiser is for schools and universities, election campaigns, finding a cure for diseases or to raise money for the disabled, a custom printed key can help support the cause.



Owners are always looking for ways to promote their businesses.  Lucky Line offers different Key Shapes from our Key Shapes™ line to help promote your type of business. For example, our Hammer is an ideal shape for hardware stores, or our Beer Mug is cool for a brewery or bar.  Custom Key Shapes are a great promotion for Franchisees, whether the business is fast food, car repair or hotels.




How to Order:

  1. Pick an existing Key Shape™ or create your own shape.
  2. Tell us your quantity (min. order qty is 2,000).
  3. Send us your artwork (custom keys take approximately 6 weeks to ship after final approval).


It may take a little planning and just a few more pennies from your advertising budget, but with a clever way of marketing your business or organization, custom printed keys will sure be memorable and be imprinted in customer’s minds.   


Call or email our Customer Service Team to order:, (800) 654-6409

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