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The Importance of Key Storage and Organization

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The Importance of Key Storage and Organization 


Organizing your keys, whether it's for your house or your business, can seem like an overwhelming task.  However, once you've taken the time to properly identify and organize your keys, you will see tons of benefits and maybe even more revenue! An organized system allows you to handle more volume, more sales, more money. This also allows for multiple team members to use the same key system easily and seamlessly.

How To:

A great place to start, when it comes to key organization, is with an identifier.  Identifying your keys allows you to quickly find the key you're looking for.  Take it a step further with a key tag or racking system, so you can efficiently organize large quantities of keys.  If you have a huge amount of keys, you can organize them all in a filing system, or take them on the go with the File-A-Key Binder.  This allows you to organize keys based on location or type, and can hold over 42 keys.



Keys are less likely to get lost.
Spend less time finding and identifying keys.
Reduce stress and confusion.
Better customer service, provide fast and efficient service with fewer mistakes.

Lucky Line Organization Products:

Lucky Line offers a wide range of products to help you organize your keys at home and at work. Products as simple as a paper tag, to identifiers in many sizes and colors, to more complicated File-A-Key Binder systems.

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