Lucky Line Products Repurposed

Lucky Line Products Repurposed

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Lucky Line Products Repurposed

The world is constantly changing, especially right now!  Trends come and go, and sometimes we just find new ways to use things!  Some of our most popular products today, have actually been around for decades!  We love to see the popularity of a product come back around decades later, and we love even more when there are new uses for our products!  Below are some new products and some of our tried and true products, along with new innovative ways to use them.  Let us know how you’re using Lucky Line products to be featured on our social media!

Signal Blocking Key Hider:

  • Intended use: Blocks your key fob signal from reaching your car.
  • Can also be used as an RFID wallet!

Brass Tags:

  • Intended use: to label and identify keys.
  • Attach to wine glasses to use as wine charms.
  • Engrave for dog tags.

Rock Key Hider (or any key hider):

  • Intended use: to hide a spare key.
  • Use to store emergency cash.
  • Great for kids to hide and store small treasures in.

Key Racks:

  • Intended use: to hang keys up in your house or office.
  • Hang masks or hand sanitizer from them at home or in the office.
  • Use in the kitchen to hang utensils.
  • Put it on the inside of your spice rack to hang measuring utensils.
  • In the bathroom for small hand towels.
  • Hang headphones, jump rope, and sweat towels in your home gym.

Magnetic Keys:

  • Intended use: key hider
  • Stick 3-4 together for a minimalist key chain, replaces a noisy key ring.

Houdini Lock Lube:

  • Intended use: to lubricate indoor and outdoor locks.
  • Also use on door hinges and sliding door tracks.
  • Garage door tracks.
  • Bike chains.

Custom Tags:

  • Intended use: a great way to promote your business or event.
  • Wedding favors, can send with Thank You notes for virtual weddings.

Acrylic Photo Holder:

  • Intended use: display your child's school picture on your keys!
  • Can be used to create a custom key tag for yourself. Print any picture or graphic to put inside.
  • Who doesn’t love an old throw back, go ahead a put your kid’s school picture in it!

Plastic Coin Holder:

  • Intended use: holding coins or cash in small amounts.
  • Can also hold small valuables, like a ring.

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