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Product Solutions for Pros Vol. 1

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Product Solutions for Pros Vol. 1

During a city or state-wide shut down, not all parts of the city or state are closed.  Food, medicine and money are essential, so grocery stores, pharmacies and banks need to stay open.  Doctors and healthcare workers are vital, so hospitals remain open.  Police, security and other law enforcement entities are important for the safety of their communities.  Operation & maintenance technicians need to keep buildings functioning.   These are just several examples of the ‘Essential Workers’ that are needed to keep the cities and states running during times of crisis.

Lucky Line carries thousands of products that not only help everyday consumers with identifying and organizing keys, but we also provide professional workers that keep our hospitals, schools, government facilities and other critical infrastructure secure and our communities safe with products  like Key Retractors, an often underestimated, yet necessary accessory for professionals.

Key Retractors

Key Retractors, also referred to as key reels, serve an important function in various jobs.  Most all retractors are engineered to prevent drops, loss and damage and provide peace of mind and convenience.  There are so many brands and styles in the market and to help simplify their assortment, Lucky Line groups them into 3 categories.  The first category is the Premium, or ‘top of the line’ retractors. Next, is the Heavy-Duty line and finally, there is the value line.

Premium Key Retractors are perfect for industrial workers, law enforcement, public safety employees, airport tarmac staff or people who work outside.   A popular one that Lucky Line offers is the Super 48 Key Bak® (Item #43651), which is a very high-quality key reel with a 48” retractable Kevlar® cord.  Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong, synthetic fiber. Because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, by this measurement, it is five times stronger than steel.  With a super strong retraction mechanism, it can reel items in weight ranging from 6 oz to 15 oz, so that can be a variety of items like 20 keys, a small flashlight, multiple ID cards or items of similar weight.  This Key Retractor is a work horse and is perfect for rough conditions like steaming boiler rooms, chemical plants, gyms and anywhere where janitorial work is just going to be a big, humid sticky mess.  The Key Retractor case is made with industrial strength polycarbonate, which is perfect for law enforcement or military.

Lucky Line now has the Super 48 Plus model available, model no. 4365A, which features a newly designed ambidextrous ball-joint lock so the reel can be used on either hip, ideal for left-handed users.

Lucky Line manufactures their own line of Heavy-Duty Key Retractors with a Dyneema® cord (Item #466301, #46701).  Its pull lengths range from 36” to 48”.  Dyneema® is fiber that is known as the world’s strongest, lightest fiber – 15 times stronger than steel, on a weight for weight basis.  This fiber is water resistant, performs well in dry, wet, salty and humid conditions.  It has a strong retraction force and is ideal for janitors, linemen, electricians, cable techs plus more.


For professions that don’t need a heavy-duty Key Retractor, Lucky Line provides a value option (Item #43901, #64001).  These retractors are dependable,  have a 24” pull length, good retraction force and are a popular choice for corporate headquarters, governments buildings, hospitals, schools, and other environments in which employees are required to routinely draw  their photo identification cards for security purposes or swipe their card for access.

Key Retractors are tools professionals don’t pay much attention to during a regular course of the day, but these days are not regular, and although putting on a Key Retractor or key reel might seem like a mundane part of getting dressed for work, they are a fundamental tool for our essential works to continue their integral functions for our city, state and society. 


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