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UtiliCarry® - Everday Carry by Lucky Line

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UtiliCarry® - Everday Carry by Lucky Line

UtiliCarry®  by Lucky Line is a comprehensive line of compact, convenient tools and accessories, essential for everyday tasks.  All accessories are small enough to attach to a key chain, stash in a glove compartment or tuck into a briefcase, purse or backpack.  Each product was chosen for quality, price, durability and usefulness, specifically to cater to EveryDay Carry (EDC) needs. 

What is EDC?

EDC stands for EveryDay Carry and is a collection of items you carry with you in your pockets or in your bag on a daily basis. EDC philosophy is built upon the cornerstones of utility and preparedness.  We understand that the EDC community embraces the need to have a necessary tool close at hand. Like the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”, EDC enthusiasts are prepared. Need a flashlight in a sudden black out? They’ve got one on their keychain. Unwrapping birthday gifts at the park? They’re ready with a multi-tool. Forgot some important utensils while camping? Theyʼve got a knife, bottle opener, scissors, and other tools close at hand.

With EDC’s increasing popularity and broader, growing audience, UtiliCarry’s® extensive offering has a product for just about anybody and any task.


The Primo 12-in-1 Multi-Tool is the flagship item in the category.  As the name states, Primo offers 12 functions in just 1 tool!  Made of stainless steel, this device serves as a screwdriver, bottle opener, or wire stripper, just to name a few.   

One popular tool in the line is the Precision Pen Screwdriver.  The magnetic bits, stored inside the pen shaped tool, makes it compact and portable.  8-tip screwdriver allows you to find the perfect bit for those tricky situations.

Another popular item is the LED USB Torch Light.  With its rechargeable lithium ion battery, it can emit 120 minutes of light per 15 minute charge. It makes a great backup light when your phone is not charged or readily accessible.

Several other multi-tools in the line vary in function and include a hex wrench, phone stand, car safety escape tool or pliers.  The utility accessories range from pocket knives, safety whistles and even a mini storage capsule small enough to store pills or other small items.  Key carriers and LED lights round out the line.

For those who aren’t sure what EDC tools to carry and would prefer a kit, we offer the UtiliCarry® EDC Kit which includes five essential everyday items: the LED Light, the C-Clip™ Pocket Knife, the Snapper Multi-Tool, the Wallet 11-in-1 Multi-Tool, and the Paracord C-Clip™.  All 5 pieces come in a compact case that stows away easily in a glove compartment, backpack, or bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.

With products like the Primo 12-in-1 and all of the EDC items in the UTILICARRY® line, you can be confident that youʼre prepared. For hikers in the mountains or techies on the go, UTILICARRY® has something for each personʼs EveryDay Carry needs.

Check out the entire line here.

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