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10 Ways to Use and Sell Designer Lanyards

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10 Ways to Use and Sell Lucky Line Designer Lanyards

Lanyards are meant to be functional.  They create a natural hands-free solution to many problems in the workforce, at events, and even at home!  Our designer lanyards really put the FUN in functional! Here are some of our favorite ways we see our retailers selling lanyards to their customers.

At Work:

  1. Hold your Badge
  2. Hold your Keys
  3. Hold Important Tools, like a whistle or pens
  4. Marketing Giveaways

lanyards for work

Whether you work in a place that requires key fob or badge access, or you just want to keep the certain keys on you, a lanyard is a great solution!  It’s more convenient than a badge or key reel for those who don’t have pockets, and designer lanyards can add some personality to a uniform like scrubs.  Professionals from sporting officials to plant managers can use a lanyard to carry useful tools needed on the job like whistles, small lights, or pens.  They also make a fun marketing giveaway! Imagine a room full of people in an American Flag lanyard with your company logo attached to the bottom. Awesome!


  1. Hold Tickets or Passes
  2. Hands Free Wallet
  3. Fun Wedding Favor

Events are always a fun way to unify people!  Including matching lanyards with event passes or tickets. They’re also convenient for attaching a small pouch that can carry cash and cards in it, which is much more functional that a purse.  Many stadiums encourage people to use clear handbags, but a lanyard is a lot easier to carry and more functional for such events.  How many wedding favors have you received and thrown away? Probably more than you would like to admit.  Lanyards make a great wedding favor because guests will continue to use it long after the event.  They’ll feel like they have a backstage pass to your wedding, and later think of you every time they use it.

At Home:

  1. Attach House Keys, easy to find
  2. Important communal keys, like a mail key
  3. Keep multi-tools or a small emergency tool kit on it

Lanyards also work well at home!  Attach your house keys to them so they’re easy to find or fish out of your purse or bag.  They also work well for college students carrying their dorm keys.  Easily label and identify important communal housekeys, like your mail key or shed key, with a designer lanyard!  They hang on any hook easily and are less likely to get lost when attached to a lanyard.  You can also hang multi-tools that you use often so they are easily accessible.

Share the ways you have used or sold our designer lanyards!

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