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Organization Solutions for Car Rental Companies

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Organization Solutions for Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies buy, sell and manage more vehicles than any other entity in the world.   For over 40 years Lucky Line has been helping serve the Car Rental Industry with our Automotive Key Tag System and accessories. Lucky Line has the solution to key control problems – an effective, yet simple to use system of key tags, disposable paper inserts and secure key rings.  Our options make keeping track of your keys efficient and easy.

 key organization for rental car companies

To help organize and identify the vast array of keys for your car lineup, Lucky Line’s Automotive Key Tag System is a simple, yet effective process to better fleet management.   Choosing a system only takes 3 easy steps.  First, pick a durable plastic key tag.  These clear,  super-tough tags are made of a specially blended plastic that resists cracking and are available in 3 sizes: Medium (1-1/8” x 2-1/4”), Large (1-1/4” x 3”) and the Flexible Key Tag with butterfly closure  (3-1/8” x 1-1/4”).  Next, choose your key ring.  Choose from the tempered steel split ring or our ultra-thin Locking Cable Key ring, made from strong, flexible, corrosion-resistant aircraft cable and covered by a nylon coating.  The cable is permanently locked, or closed, using a crimper tool. Losing a key is a costly problem for car rental companies and the Locking Cable is a favorite as it allows the keys/fobs to stay together when a car needs to be taken out of service.  Lastly, select your paper inserts: Blank, Car Rental, or Custom sheets that can be perforated or manually cut.  Blank inserts allow the flexibility of writing information directly on the paper tag.   Car Rental inserts are preprinted and you can fill in the Car No., License, Color, Make, Model and Year.     Custom sheets let you customize your logo on the inserts, helping brand your business. 


Along with the Automotive Key Tag System, Lucky Line offers an array of key accessories and key cabinets for internal key control.   Paper tags are an economical way to identify keys.  Lanyards and wrist coils are a great solution to keep keys on hand when they are in daily use. 

Key cabinets are a practical and low-cost solution for organizing and storing keys.  Several sizes are available to accommodate small to large operations.  Key cabinets allow quick access to your keys which are stored in one, convenient location.  A unique alternative to a key cabinet is Lucky Line’s File-A-Key Binder system.  Instead of mounting on the wall, this portable unit lets you label, organize and then file keys in a file cabinet or File-A-Key Binder. With the keys safely stowed inside the binder, you can take your keys with you while you are out on the grounds of your facility.  


Lucky Line is your solution to better key control and key organization with our Automotive Key Tag system, high quality products and fast delivery.  Contact Lucky Line to get a copy of the Car Rental Brochure and start your way to better Fleet Management.  Visit or call us at (800) 654-6409.

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