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Clever Ways to Hide a Spare Key

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Clever Ways to Hide a Spare Key

Lucky Line has been in the business of keys since 1961.  Over the years we have seen some pretty clever ways to hide your spare key, and we have turned many of those ideas into products!  Here is a list of some of our favorite ways to hide your spare key.  How many of these have you used?


Simple Spare Key Solutions

Magnetic Keys: Hiding a spare key doesn’t have to be complex, something as simple as a magnetic key stuck to the bottom of your electrical box can do the trick! In fact, I’m sure you will find lots of hiding places around your house to stick a magnetic key to! Behind the porch light, your mailbox, or even a metal flower pot.

Wallet Key Hider: Chances are you always have your wallet on you.  Keeping a spare key inside your wallet is a simple way to ensure you always have a spare key close by.  This solution fits nicely into your wallet, just like a credit card would.


Fun Key Hiding Solutions

Rock Key Hider: Disguising your spare key as a plain old rock in your front yard is a really fun way to hide a spare key.  Simply place your spare in the rock, then let the rock blend in with the rest of the items in your yard. A great place for a rock key hider is actually in the backyard, so it’s harder for unwelcome visitors to find.

Sprinkler Key Hider: Another great option for the backyard.  This key hider looks just like a sprinkler head in your yard, but has a secret hiding spot for a spare key, or any other small important items.  If you’re close to your neighbors, you might even consider putting your spare key hider in their yard.


Tried and True Key Hiding Tricks

Key Hider Box: This solution has been around for a long time, and is actually one of our best sellers!  There are tons of places in your yard, front and back, to hide a magnetic key hider box.  You can nail it to the fence inside your yard, hide it in the dog house, or under your grill!  If you want to be really clever, find a loose brick you can hollow out, and hide the key hider box inside.

Pouch Key Hiders: The pouch key hider comes with a super strong hook and loop system so you can adhere it to just about any clean surface. Its not as bulky as the key hider boxes, making it easier to hide.  You can hide one under your car, behind a potted plant, or under a deck.

Signal Blocking Key Hider: This is a new version of the pouch key hider.  A great solution for hiding a spare car key.  If you have a keyless entry car, you want to make sure the signal is blocked when it's not in use.  The Signal Blocking Key Hider is lined with RFID signal blocking material to protect your smart key fob.


Unique and Silly Key Hiders

Fake Dog Poop: No one is going to go near the doggie mess on your front yard looking for a spare key!  This is certainly a safe bet. The only downside to this option is that others will then think you have a permanent mess on your front lawn.

Bird House: Create a small wooden bird house with hinges on the bottom so you can open it up to hide spare keys in.  Add some hooks so the keys lay nicely inside, and hang it up in a tree close by!


Outdated Key Hiding Solutions

Some key hiding solutions are so outdated, that they aren’t even safe anymore.  If you still hide your key under the door mat, you might as well leave your doors unlocked.  Storing a spare key this way is simply not safe, you should consider a new solution.

It’s a good idea to revisit any option you have been using for a while.  If you’ve shared your secret spare key hiding spot with lots of people over the years, switch it up.  Just make sure you remember where you moved it! You don’t want to find a hiding spot that is too hard to find, even for yourself.

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