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Lucky Line Holiday Marketing Guide

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Lucky Line Holiday Marketing Guide

It seems like the holidays are starting earlier and earlier every year.  It can be tough for retailers to keep up.  This year we came up with a guide to make sure you have everything you need to boost sales, increase your customer base, and keep your “Holiday Cheer” this season.

Most of our dealers are in the hardware and locksmith industry, two places you might think to go shopping for gifts during the holidays.  These are places customers are likely to be at during the holidays.  Think about it, the average consumer will need to visit a locksmith or hardware store while putting up Christmas decorations, making spare keys for visiting family members, or even locking themselves out or losing their keys because their brains are so overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the season.

The holidays are bringing customers to these local businesses, and in the back of their minds they are always looking for stocking stuffers, or a gift for that random guest that’s coming to Christmas dinner at the last minute. What’s a great gift for someone you don’t know very well? Something practical, items that everyone needs … like a multi-tool, a cool flashlight, and everyone could use a bottle opener. Where can all of these items be found? That’s right! In a locksmith or hardware store!

Lucky Tip #1: Presents

Not just actual presents, what we really mean here is “presence”.  Make sure to have a display, or even better an entire area, that is dedicated to “Stocking Stuffers” or “Great Gift Ideas” #presents.  Lead people’s eye to this area naturally while they wait for new keys to be made, or in line at checkout. Maybe you have a large sign, or a decorated Christmas tree with items hanging from it. The holidays are the best time of year for impulse buys! Consumers are searching, scouring even, the internet for easy and practical gift ideas.  Make sure you’re giving them what they are looking for while they happen to be in your store.

At the bottom of this article, we have given you some GREAT signage ideas!  Feel free to download them and either take them to your local printer, or print them out yourself. It’s an easy way to add a holiday feel to your store, and will certainly catch your customers’ eye!

Lucky Tip #2: Digital Presence

Like we said earlier, consumers are scouring the internet and not just during the holiday season.  Make sure your store can be found on the internet through Google searches, Yelp, and local listings.  You don’t have to spend a lot on an eCommerce website, but have a website of some kind.  Consumers today like to research before they do anything.  Let them know you’re there and do your best to encourage customers to leave reviews.  When someone needs a service or an item last minute, they want to find the closest and most reputable business … and that should be you!  Signing up for a Google and Yelp business page is free, make sure you have this even if you don’t have time to create a website this holiday season.

Lucky Tip #3: In-Stock Stocking Stuffers

Make sure you have enough inventory to last throughout the holiday season.  Selling out of an item isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but you don’t want to leave sales on the table because you ran out of stocking stuffers.  Keep an eye on trends happening in the industry, stock up on hot items, and create a backup plan to quickly replenish your inventory should you get hit harder than expected this holiday season. Lucky Line items will sell all year round, so they are a safe bet when it comes to stocking up on stocking stuffers.  The most popular items we see selling this year are Key Shapes, EDC Kits and the entire UtiliCarry Line, and our newest product the Signal Blocking Key Hider.

Lucky Tip # 4: Spread Holiday Cheer

The holidays can be stressful, but the holiday spirit is what makes it such a wonderful time of year.  Don’t let the stress of the holidays reflect in your business.  Whether you’re serving your customers a warm cup of hot chocolate or just a warm smile, do something to make their day.  Keep the spirit of giving alive, and help out where you can.  Consumers will quickly forget the killer sale you had last holiday season, but they’ll remember the warm smile you gave them, how you helped them, and the way you made them feel all year long!

We hope you all have a busy, successful, and relatively stress free holiday season!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Lucky Line!

Printable Holiday Signage Downloads:


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